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Benchmark Testing

Grade Results offers benchmark assessments, used to track grade level mastery and growth throughout the year and to assess end-of-year outcomes. Benchmark assessments provide information to gauge students’ strengths and needs against end-of-year standards in core subject areas. Benchmark testing helps determine whether a school is on-track to meet end-of-year goals. Benchmark testing allows for early interventions to be set in place to address the deficiencies of students before the actual state testing occurs.

The Purpose of Benchmark Testing 

  • Assessments are used to track student mastery of course standards.
  • Assess progress toward end of year outcomes.
  • Support tool to help teachers gauge student strengths and needs.

Customizable solutions based upon district specifications

  • Assessments are based upon state and national standards.
  • Correlated to quarterly or six week testing periods.
  • Assessments contain the same test items in randomized order.
  • Extensive researched-based test bank.
  • Test items are created on three levels of difficulty.
  • Assessments are available in web based form or hard copy. Grade results instructors complete all scoring.
  • Extensive reporting package available for all users.

Results reported at each instructional level 

Benefits of Benchmark Testing 

  • Parents receive a student summary of their child’s proficiency level by standard.
    • Parents are informed!
  • Teachers can identify standards, by class, which are above or below proficiency level.
    • Targeted remediation can be easily implemented.
  • Principal can identify classes where students are above or below proficiency.
    • Focus PD where needed.
  • District can identify courses at schools that are above or below proficiency.
    • Focus PD in critical schools.