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Drop Back-In Program


Grade Results will offer students and districts alike productive, individualized, multifaceted, technology integrated, innovative education opportunities that remove the barriers of traditional education. Each shall be financially reasonable while improving the academic performance and of school districts and students alike. It also has the added advantage of improving the graduation rates of the school district.


  • Program captures students aged 16-21 who, for various reasons, have dropped out of school or completely exited a school district.
  • Grade Results, along with several community groups and identified stakeholders, recruit former students from every area of the city/parish/school district bringing them back to school to earn a high school diploma through an accelerated high school learning community.
  • All students complete a Pre-Assessment in each subject area to identify academic deficiencies.
  • Based on these results and assessment of student’s transcript, an Individual Academic Plan (IAP) is written for each student to determine necessary coursework to complete any and all graduation requirements.
  • Students are tested weekly to measure academic growth.
  • The Grade Results software affords students the ability to work in 1:1 teacher student ratio to improve their academic performance daily with the assistance of interactive chat, flash video, and other technology tools.
  • The software offers teachers and students the ability for true empirical data driven instruction in an effort to improve student achievement.
  • The instructional program offers eighty (80%) percent of computer assisted instruction through the Grade Results software program.
  • The remaining twenty (20%) percent of content is offered through direct instruction by state certified teachers.
  • Students may choose one of three five hour attendance sessions daily to complete state graduation requirements.
  • Participants shall experience a full complement of life skills curriculum as well.
  • Stakeholders reclaim their communities and educate youth who were considered lost.
  • The group will work diligently to establish partnerships with all area social service agencies in hopes to remove any barriers to education for enrolled students.
  • Teachers facilitate differentiated instruction as they reinforce instruction in the core subject areas through direct instruction.
  • Each classroom has a dual certified teacher and an aide available at all times.
  • Students are given the opportunity to work individually or in small learning groups experiencing the success of one to one learning.
  • All students participate in required state assessments.
  • Teachers are trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention to appropriately address any situation students may present.
  • The program adopts the district code of conduct at a minimum, but does reserve the right to handle discipline on an individual case basis befitting the circumstances.
  • Students utilize a wireless laptop or tablet to complete the technical portion of instruction.
  • The program serves students in need of Special Education Services.
  • A Special Education Coordinator will direct all services for such students.
  • Grade Results hires additional Special Education teachers as students are identified.
  • The program can serve an unlimited number of students.
  • Grade Results works closely with both the Law Enforcement Community and the Department of Juvenile Justice to service the court adjudicated students in its population.
  • Grade Results offers this program as a revenue generator for the school district by offering a variety of funding choices negotiated with Grade Results during contract discussion, and will gladly serve any identified student who meets the criteria.


The Grade Results Drop Back In Program is modeled after Lezotte and McKee from Assembly Required, (2002) Our approach ensures sustainable improvement by implementing a system that employs the following principles:

  • Focuses on Results: Grade Results understands that the heart of educational reform is establishing evidence for academic achievement.
  • Considers Quality and Equity: Grade Results believes improving the quality of education must be for the benefit of all students without discrimination.
  • Data-Driven: Grade Results understands that decisions must be supported by data.
  • Evidence-Based: Grade Results will use research proven methods and practices for implementing school wide improvement.
  • Collaboration: Grade Results believes that collaborative decision making leads to better results and greater buy-in from all stakeholders.
  • Reflective Practice: Grade Results understands that improving the educational options for students must be evaluated and assessed on an ongoing basis.


As student’s progress through course lessons, they will discover the digital multimedia content with animations, interactive learning tools, videos, and avatars to engage and motivate students, formative and summative assessments, and activities which will enhance the learning process. The evaluative method of assessment includes five multiple-choice questions and two conceptual short-answer questions. Questions range in difficulty from the Knowledge level of Bloom’s Taxonomy to higher order thinking questions. Courses are essentially self-paced, with the ability to connect with a live online instructor to obtain assistance for content clarification or the ability to ask question for greater understanding of materials.

Grade Results will customize courses and follow client’s specifications and curriculum calendar.


Grade Results comprehensive and prescriptive online program is designed for students who have not successfully passed courses in prior semesters. Our courses are research-proven to be effective for student achievement.

When a student logs on, s/he will immediately see a “Quick Summary” – a dynamic list of activities that the student is responsible for.

Each lesson will be a self-contained, interactive module. The courses will consist of a series of interactive modules with animations, text, graphics and formative assessments as described above that cover all of the state’s standards for the grade and subject.

At the end of each module, the student will take a post lesson test which typically consists of multiple choice and open ended questions. If the student posts a passing score, s/he will move to the next module. If the student does not pass, s/he will have to repeat the module.

Each student will take a thorough pre-test on the subject. Every question will reference a particular state standard for that subject. Based on the results of the pre-test, a unique Individualized Academic Plan will be generated for each student. The academic plan will include the list of lessons the student must learn to achieve mastery on the subject.


  • Courses consist of a 60- 80 hours of content per semester with the option to test out of material previously mastered The average student spends 35 hours in a semester course.
  • Certified teacher of record is associated with each course.
  • Twenty-four hour live teacher online support.
  • Students can get immediate help and tutoring from teachers who are certified in the subject area, giving schools options to have courses monitored by aides or lab techs.
  • Students and staff can securely access Grade Results courses from any Internet access point.
  • Open enrollment accommodates student’s schedules– there are no set start/stop dates.
  • Students are assisted with learning coaches to ensure they are on time and on schedule for successful completion.
  • Courses are self-paced and instructor scored.
  • Weekly emailed reports to gauge student’s progress.
  • Each session is archived and reports can be reviewed in real time.
  • Reading levels are adjusted (one to two levels below course content).
  • Grade Results provides complete ELL and ESL for all courses, which feature non-linguistic representations such as graphic organizers, timelines, word webs, virtual models, click and drag responses. These features will help students learn a second language more effectively.
  • Use of virtual manipulatives, videos, animations, and games keep students engaged.
  • When the student has completed all the modules for that subject, he/she will take an “end of course” exam to determine if the student has mastered the course.
  • In addition, depending upon the pricing option chosen, students may spend a set amount of time per week or month working online in a one-to-one tutoring session with a live instructor. Sessions features an interactive whiteboard, instant messaging, and two-way audio. The purpose of the sessions will be to review the student’s performance on the post lesson test(s), probe the student for understanding, and answer any questions the student might have on the content.


Grade Results believes that student culture is the center for school functioning. Student culture should integrate preventive and intervention supports and service. The aim of student culture is to work interdependently and seamlessly with the academic component of a school and/or system of schools so that academic achievement can occur. The following areas are concentrations of student culture:

  • Attendance and Truancy
  • Accountable Discipline
  • Response to Intervention
  • Parent Involvement and Engagement
  • College and Career Counseling


Students often wish to come back to school and earn their diploma… However, traditional programs typically do not allow these students to re-enroll on the campus. Additionally, the time spent away from school means they often may not graduate by the state standards for seat time as it relates to public education. The Grade Results Graduation Center, allow students to enjoy the accelerated program of study, which allows them to earn credits at their own pace. As such, students not only makeup credits and catch up credits, but they graduate with a district conferred High School Diploma!


The program allows these students to return and complete high school without the stigma of embarrassment. This is accomplished through individualized counseling and instruction; which is offered via the integrated technology curriculum. Each student completes a battery of assessments upon intake which provides a clear picture of deficient skills which can be addressed from the first day of class. From those results our staff creates an Individual Academic Plan for students to complete. Moreover, Grade Results offers students an opportunity to receive instruction in a 1:1 teacher to student direct instruction ratio through computer technology. The program features interactive chat, free online tutorials, and flashvideo and relevant topics to student’s lives. Consequently, students complete the state requirements on free range laptops, while the core subject areas are reinforced with direct instruction on site by certified teachers. Further, no student to the left or right of any individual knows what the other is working on. Students who participate in this program will share the benefit of on-site counseling services and focus group discussions, as well as introductions to peer mediation and violence prevention training. Students experience both physical education and customized character education through the technology infused state of the art program. As learning and focus of these students are redirected, marked gains in academic performance and behavior result from the non-traditional program.


Yes, all students required to take the End of Course Exams and or High School Graduation Exam. The program is designed to offer individual academic assistance to make certain students not only pass these exams, but score well on the ACT, SAT, ASVAB, and Work-keys as well.


The program works with several local social service agencies to locate and offer free day care services for all students enrolled with children as long as they attend the program. In the event students don’t meet the age requirement for day care services counselors will work closely with students to work out another solution if one of the three session times does not alleviate the problem.


The staff works with several local labor ready agencies, along with the state employment agencies to identify openings throughout the city where students can be placed for employment. Additionally, students receive the benefit of interview skills training; resume writing, dress for success programs, and several other opportunities for apprenticeships or job placement.